miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

Plans oftere graduation..

After graduating, I want to wok in media, Radio or TV, to be reporter of a dayly news and meet important people. I love the way ofworking af Ana Vacarela. I would like to know paris.
I wish I can reach my objetives
if god wants to!

Describe urbe´s campus

It is a confortable study centre with good facilities each carrer has a laboratory, in my case, I study mass comunication and we have comunication laboratory of radio and Television... Free, also have library

Is it easy to enter in urbe.?

Most of the time is very easy to get to this university. first, apply for vacation test, then, they give you a date to show all the documents about you andready, you are registered.

Describe a day at the university
sometime is complicated but good division of your time helps a lot. teachers are some goods and some bads, at the and of every level the work is harder, but every time graduation is closer

How is your school life.?

It´s very stress, but of emotions and fun. there are matters harder than others but with effert we can work it out. every level has new and interesting things annd for those who really like the choosen carreer to be graduated is most important.

martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

My House
The place where I live with my family
This one located in the sector on October 18
Av 3 and 4 for the church Fatima
Was calm, lately this one very insecure, there is no traffic
The are serca stops of public transport
There is no garbage
The place is agreeable and this very beautiful

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